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This Week's Nonprofit Spotlight is Velocity Coop

What is the Velocity Coop?velocity_bike_logo

Velocity Bicycle Cooperative, located in Mount Vernon, encourages Alexandrians through bicycle workshops, community bike rides, and youth programs, to bike more and have fun!

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This Week's Nonprofit Spotlight is Alexandria Neighborhood Health Services, Inc. (ANHSI)

What Is ANHSI? anhsi_logo

ANHSI provides children and adults of Northern Virginia with accessible and affordable health care. Managing the Arlandria Health Center, the only "open access" medical center in the area that leaves its doors open to everyone, the ANHSI focuses on helping impoverished citizens throughout Alexandria particularly by meeting patients' walk-in needs.

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This Week's Nonprofit Spotlight is Kids Helping Kids in Alexandria

What is Kids Helping Kids in Alexandria? kids_helping_kids_logo

Compromised of teenagers from the ages of 13-18, Kids Helping Kids serves to help an even younger generation of youth through charitable contribution. Inspired by the events after 9/11, teenagers Ainsley Morris and Joanna and Remy Kauffmann, decided to form a non-profit organization benefitting the children of Alexandria. Through their annual Lemonade Day and their ability to find sponsors, locate other volunteers and spread awareness, Kids Helping Kids has continuously accomplished their goals.

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This Week's Nonprofit Spotlight is Casa Chirilagua

What is Casa Chirilagua? casa_chirilagua_logo

Operating under the motto "learning together to love their neighbors as themselves", Casa Chirilagua, a non-profit organization located in the Chirilagua-Arlandria Latino neighborhood, seeks to instill Christian values through walks, meals, friendships, celebrations and life events. Established by three inspired young women, Casa Chirilagua has created a community in which individuals are assisted for as long as necessary to create a productive lifestyle, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual problems are all handled, and the poor, opressed, the immigrant, and the lost are all helped.

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This Week's Nonprofit Spotlight is Alexandria Mentoring Partnership (AMP)

What is Alexandria Mentoring Partnership?alexandria_mentoring_partnering_logo

Established in 2006 by City staff, mentor program representatives, and community volunteers, the Alexandria Mentoring Partnership is focused on providing underserved children throughout Alexandria with mentors. As the leading organization for mentoring programs in Northern Virginia, it serves as the primary place for mentor and mentee referrals, and it offers other mentor programs a chance to discuss the most efficient methods for mentor recruitment, training, and support. 

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This Week's Nonprofit Spotlight is Healthy Families Alexandria

What Is Healthy Families Alexandria?healthy_families_alexandria_logo

Healthy Families Alexandria serves to assist pregnant women and first-time parents residing in Alexandria. They promote positive parenting, improved health and development of Alexandria children, school preparedness, and stopping child abuse in the area.

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This Week's Nonprofit Spotlight is Quintango

What is Quintango?quintango

With Joan Singer as the Alexandria ensemble's leader and Jennifer Rickard, Phil Hosford, Libby Blatt, and Kerry Van Laanen backing her up, Quintango has spread harmonious music to every corner of the world like the White House, Kennedy Center and Buenos Aires and France. But it is Quintango's charitable contributions, that make it extraordinary as it teaches tango to Alexandria schools and at-risk youth through its many workshops.

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This Week's Nonprofit Spotlight is Space of Her Own (SOHO)


What is SOHO?

Established in 2002, SOHO gives girls who live in Alexandria the opportunity to establish a bonding relationship with a mentor, expand their knowledge in the arts, develop skills applicable to life, volunteer for significant community projects, and stay away from destructive influences. As they literally create a "space of her own" by designing their own study rooms, the SOHO participants will enjoy weekly meetings with their mentor and others as they share healthy meals, discussions on life skills, and of course, art.

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This Week's Nonprofit Spotlight is The Art League

What is The Art League?the_art_league_logo

Established in 1954, the Art League, a nonprofit organization located in Alexandria, serves as a top charitable and educational facility. Teaching about 7,000 students every year through engaging classes, extraordinary exhibitions, and an artistic environment, The Art League introduces or furthers a person's expertise in art. Furthermore, it enriches the community by sharing its visual arts.

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