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The American barn raising tradition arose out of necessity. Neighbors came together to help neighbors build an essential element of family and community life because constructing such a large building required many hands. No one can do it alone.

ACTion Alexandria is part of a new kind of barn raising effort. The principles are the same--it takes many hands to build the community we want--but we now have access to new technology and tools that can help.

The citizens of Alexandria are a powerful force for collective action and know what needs to be done in their communities. But often, citizens don't have the right tools, information, expertise, or enough hands to make the change we seek. ACTion Alexandria was launched to help provide citizens with an online platform and tools to make community action and problem solving easier.


An initiative of ACT for Alexandria, Alexandria's community foundation (Learn more about ACT for Alexandria), ACTion Alexandria is a new online civic engagement initiative with three main goals

  • Create a vibrant online platform that inspires offline action, where challenges are posted, solutions are debated, successes and failures are archived, data is both disseminated and captured, stories are shared, and essential civic relationships developed.
  • Improve the quality of life for our most vulnerable residents in a cost-efficient manner through a platform that provides everyone a voice and the opportunity to identify problems and offer solutions.
  • Engage residents and business people in problem solving to strengthen community ties and increase each individual’s stake in creating positive outcomes for specific community problems.

ACTion Alexandria was launched in two phases:

Phase I, September: The ACTion Alexandria blog was launched to begin building community awareness for the project.

Phase II, February 7th: The ACTion Alexandria online platform was launched to provide citizens and organizations with the power to launch collective actions, to share news and information, and to discuss and change their community.

ACTion Alexandria Vision

  • Empower citizens to take collective action on behalf of themselves and local organizations
  • Enable citizens to submit community challenges for consideration, debate, prioritization and response from organizations and citizens themselves
  • Support local organizations in their calls for collective action by citizens
  • Connect citizens and organizations online to supplement and increase offline collective action
  • Cultivate the next generation of philanthropists by reaching out to students and young adults in the community and strengthening their desire to become active and lifelong civic participants
  • Develop a scalable model that other communities can easily and affordably adopt


How To Use This Site

  • Visit the Challenge section to see what community problems you might be able to help solve.
  • Is there a problem you'd like to see solved? Tell us about it, or start your own action.
  • Add your organization.
  • Start blogging!
  • Follow ACTion Alexandria on Facebook and Twitter and help spread the word to your neighbors and friends.



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