This Week's Nonprofit Spotlight is Casa Chirilagua

What is Casa Chirilagua? casa_chirilagua_logo

Operating under the motto "learning together to love their neighbors as themselves", Casa Chirilagua, a non-profit organization located in the Chirilagua-Arlandria Latino neighborhood, seeks to instill Christian values through walks, meals, friendships, celebrations and life events. Established by three inspired young women, Casa Chirilagua has created a community in which individuals are assisted for as long as necessary to create a productive lifestyle, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual problems are all handled, and the poor, opressed, the immigrant, and the lost are all helped.

Casa Chirilagua's Mission

Developing relationships with families to see the Chirilagua neighborhood transformed by Christ.

Casa Chirilagua Program Highlights

  • Kids Club: An after-school program at the Beverly Hills Community United Methodist Church that instills admiration for Christ, the Kids Club aspires to educate students. The Club helps with homework, literacy, extra-curriculars and mentoring relationships. Additionally, the LIT program can help to strengthen the value of leadership within attendees.
  • Teens Club: Teens Club is our new Middle School program which was lanched this fall so that we can continue providing support to the kids that have graduated out of our Kids Club Program.  The Middle School Director is located at the school where she provides a safe presence, is an advocate for the students, and monitors the academic progress and social welfare of each student.
  • Chirilagua Connections: Actually experiencing the timeless phrase "it is in giving that we receive", participants of Chirilagua Connections offer their services to another and receive the priceless gift of love as they transform the Arlandria community and create lasting relationships. For instance, people have offered the use of their very own homes to other families, churches have donated Bibles to the Kids Club, members have given money to another simply to perform God's will, and others have sacrificed their artistic talents to help form a website. Truly in Chirilagua Connections, anybody can contribute to the philanthropic mission.

How Can You Get Involved With Casa Chirilagua?

  • Donate: Send a gift, either money or material packages, and help continue the transforming organization. Without enough assistance, the not-for-profit Casa Chirilagua will gradually diminish.
  • Offer Your Skills and Time: By sacrificing your abilities and some time, be it large or small, to Casa Chirilagua, specifically Chirilagua Connections, you can contribute to the program's Christian goal.


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