This Week's Nonprofit Spotlight is Space of Her Own (SOHO)


What is SOHO?

Established in 2002, SOHO gives girls who live in Alexandria the opportunity to establish a bonding relationship with a mentor, expand their knowledge in the arts, develop skills applicable to life, volunteer for significant community projects, and stay away from destructive influences. As they literally create a "space of her own" by designing their own study rooms, the SOHO participants will enjoy weekly meetings with their mentor and others as they share healthy meals, discussions on life skills, and of course, art.

SOHO's Mission

SOHO hopes to see, in the three years after a completion of the program, a graduate who has a strong and continuing relationship with her mentor and developed as a successful young woman.

SOHO Program Highlights

  • Outstanding Impacts: SOHO has assisted 156 girls since its creation, 94% have gotten out of the Alexandria Court System and 85% have mantained their bonds with mentors.
  • An Incredible Experience for Mentors and Mentees: In volunteering at SOHO, a person commits themselves to their mentee for one year to help to improve a girls' life through engaging classes and projects. 

How You Can Get Involved With SOHO

  • Become a Mentor: After completing the requirements necessary to become a mentor, a person can take on a lasting and enjoyable journey as they become a positive influence in a young girl's life. A mentor can reduce overall teen pregnancy, drug abuse, failing grades, horrible mental states, and other such bad habits in Northern Virginia, where 30,000 kids sit in poverty and the high school drop out rates are dispraportionately high for minorities.
  • Give: SOHO, a non-profit organization only operates within a 10,000 dollar federal budget so any contribution can help. Whether they are monetary donations for snacks, art projects, or refurbished bedrooms or they are physical donations of items such as a study desk, pillows, curtains, lamps, etc., any gift remains important to the girls' success.


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