This Week's Nonprofit Spotlight is Alexandria Neighborhood Health Services, Inc. (ANHSI)

What Is ANHSI? anhsi_logo

ANHSI provides children and adults of Northern Virginia with accessible and affordable health care. Managing the Arlandria Health Center, the only "open access" medical center in the area that leaves its doors open to everyone, the ANHSI focuses on helping impoverished citizens throughout Alexandria particularly by meeting patients' walk-in needs.

ANHSI's Mission

ANHSI employees are dedicated to providing affordable health care to those unemployed, uninsured, and with low-income. Currently helping 11,000 individuals, they seek to give families a "safety net" which they can lean on when no other options for medical aid exist.

Program Highlights

  • Pediatric Program: Offers a wide array of services to children of all ages. Physicals, immunizations, mental health treatment, dental care, health education, and  help with child health care insurance enrollment are only some of the opportunities available.
  • Dental Health Program: Available to all adults and children, this provides cleanings, x-rays, fillings, and extractions that prevent possible dental problems.
  • Family and Mental Health Program: Psychological and emotional support through either group or individual counceling and therapy, psychological educational groups, and parenting education highlight the services this program gives to those in need of mental aid.
  • Women's Health: ANHSI has dedicated itself to assisting Alexandria women through pregnancy testing, on-site gynecological services, family planning, and health education.

How You Can Get Involved

  • Donate: As 80% of the ANHSI patients remain uninsured while there has also been 63% spike in visits, sending a gift will help those in dire need of assistance. There are many options of donating. For instance, by giving an 8-ounce bottle of Pedialyte one prevent the dehydration that has often placed children in emergency rooms.
  • Volunteer: Another way of donating, volunteers can provide the necessary assistance to ANHSI that improves the quality of life for countless individuals. From reading stroies to children to helping patients complete customer service surveys to anserwing and returning phone calls one can assuredly make a significant difference.






Program Highlights



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