Nonprofit Spotlight

This week's Nonprofit Spotlight is on Computer C.O.R.E.

What is Computer C.O.R.E.?

It is a nonprofit in Norhtern Virginia that teach adults techinical skills they did not learn as kids.computer_core_log Most of the students hold one or more low-wage jobs (usually without opportunities for advancement). Many are first-generation immigrants and two-thirds are women. Most of today's more well paying jobs require computer proficiency. Computer C.O.R.E. gives a sixth month training course and helps students learn basics including Word, Excel, Power Point, e-mail and the Internet. The best feature: after two months they will receive a free desktop to continue to practice on at home and it also gives them a chance to teach family members. Read more »

This week's Nonprofit Spotlight is Living Legends of Alexandria

What is Living Legends of Alexandria?Living_Legends_Oval_Logo

It is a non profit organization that was started by Nina Tisara. It is a catalogue comprised of recent history makers in the city of Alexandria. Nominations are taken, then the catalogue is placed in the Special Collections Department in the Alexandria Library System.

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This week's Nonprofit Spotlight is shining on SCAN of Northern Virginia!

What is SCAN?SCAN_Northern_Virginia_Logo

SCAN of Northern Virginia is an organization that serves Alexandria's most vulnerable children: those that are and have been abused. It has formed a coalition to increase community involvement to prevent abuse and neglect. Read more »

This week's Nonprofit Spotlight is Community Lodgings!

What is Community Lodgings?Community_Lodgings_Logo

Its a local nonprofit that has been helping the community since 1987. Community Lodgings has grown to provide housing for many families that were either homeless or qualified through low-incomes.  Read more »

This Week's Nonprofit Spotlight is shining on The Campagna Center

What is the Campagna Center?Campagna_Center_Logo

The Campagna Center is a non profit organization in Alexandria that supports the community's children in need. It is located in Old Town. The center helps more than 1,700 children and their families everyday. Read more »

This Week's Nonprofit Spotlight is on Hopkins House

What is Hopkins House?Hopkins_House_Logo_ELCI

Hopkins House is an early childhood organization that has been serving Alexandria's children and families in need for nearly nine decades. Its need originated from the disappearing of social safety nets in the 1930s-- most importantly the disappearing of nurserys and learning centers for poor children. The first nursery of the newly established organization was in its founders homes. Read more »

This Week's Nonprofit Spotlight is on ALIVE!

  • What Is ALIVE!?ALIVE_Logo

ALIVE! (ALexandrians InVolved Ecumenically) is comprised of volunteers from religious organizations throughout the city of Alexandria. Since 1968, ALIVE! has been helping the most vulnerable citizens in our community and has become the largest private safety net for those in need. ALIVE! provides shelter, low-cost early childhood education and childcare; financial help for rent, utilities, medical care and other critical needs, food and other household items. Read more »

Our Nonprofit Spotlight is on Community Partners for Children

What is Community Partners for Children?CPC_Logo

Since 1991, this organization has been dedicated to Alexandria's children of need. Throughout the year it focuses on two main projects. The organization has a close working relationship with the Alexandria Department of Human Services, public school social workers, as well as various community service organizations. This allows it to provide assistance to those most vulnerable in our community: our children.

Community Partners for Children's Mission:

ACTion Nonprofit Spotlight: Fund for Alexandria's Child

What is Fund for Alexandria's Child?

The Fund for Alexandria's Child was established to help the most vulnerable foster children and children in our community. Through social workers at the Department of Community & Human Services, the Fund is able to identify children in need and reach out to those who are most at-risk. It helps with the collection and distribution of children's items and offers expertise to fulfill its charge: helping Alexandria's foster children and those at risk of experiencing abuse and neglect.

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