Eradicate Homelessness In Alexandria

Most of us think of Alexandria, with its population of 150,000, as a prosperous city. In the last decade, the income of a single household has risen from $56,000 to around $77,000. Most of us can afford to live comfortably here. But what about those who can't?

Recently, Ohio’s Community Shelter Board organized an event that helped people understand the value of shelter. The “One Day to End Homelessness in Central Ohio” campaign asked area residents to contribute the equivalent of one day’s rent or mortgage payment toward ending area homelessness. What do you pay for a day of shelter? According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the average cost to house a homeless family per day at a shelter is about $30.  For transition housing, it’s even less. Of course, that's just the value in dollars.  Homes also provide stability, safety and security. Imagine for a moment how your life would be different without your home.

In Alexandria last year, 359 individuals and families were identified as homeless (208 single and women, 151 persons in families). Here's a troubling statistic:the number of families categorized as homeless went up 10 percent in 2010.  Also stunning, the majority of individuals identified as homeless suffered from medical or other disabling conditions. You can read more about Alexandria's homeless population in the city's Homeless Enumeration Narrative Report.

The City of Alexandria, along with the counties of Northern Virginia, has enacted a Ten-Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness in hopes of eradicating the epidemic in our community. In order to make this plan a reality, the effort must be a united one that involves local government, for-profit organizations, nonprofit organizations, and citizens.

Several nonprofit organizations are working as part of the Alexandria Homeless Services Coordinating Committee as Continuum of Care Members to end homelessness in Alexandria and need your help:

Alexandria Neigborhood Health Services, Inc . (ANHSI)

Alexandrians Involved Ecumenically (ALIVE!)

Carpenter's Shelter 

Child & Family Network Centers 

Christ Church 

Community Lodgings, Inc.

Guest House 

Stop Child Abuse Now in Northern Virginia 


To help, you can contact them to volunteer or to make a donation and look for actions you can take in our Action Center.


Editor's Note: Tracy Viselli contributed to this post.


I was also once homeless I lived in Germany. But I think most r drugs or alchol. Tjat's just my veiw u gotta get ahold of your life find a job before it's to late and make something of yourself. I ended up in jail before I got myself stright in Germany and here and in the U.S. Don't blame it on the economy. Just try before u give up.

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