Mission Accomplished!


Mission accomplished and then some!  That's right Alexandria, thanks to you and our action sponsor the Running Brooke Fund, 24 Alexandrians took action and helped Carpenter's Shelter raise a total of $1495.00 toward milk and after school snacks for children living at the shelter!

You almost doubled our donation goal of $500!

It wasn't always easy for you thanks to a couple of website glitches at launch, but you perservered and made a real impact in the lives of local children who really need the help. We really appreciate your patience with our new site. Rest assured, glitches are being fixed and improvements are being made. Check back often for actions, challenges and site features.

This week's challenge helps the Arlandria Health Center for Pediatrics stock up on Pedialyte (pediatric electrolye solution), an easy and cost effective way to treat children who are ill with diarrhea and/or vomiting from becoming more dangerously ill. Be sure to help out if you can.

Don't forget that you can also vote on the Quality of Life indicators you think are most important to measure through April 1st. Quality of life indicators are the answers to the question, “What matters most to the people who live in Alexandria?” 

Your votes will be collected and combined with feedback from two Speak Up! Take ACTion! townhall meetings and summarized on ACTion Alexandria by the sponsoring organizations on April 18th. The newly prioritized indicators will serve as reminders and rallying points around which community minded individuals and groups can focus their efforts to make a measurable difference.

Vote for measures in the following categories:

Employment Opportunity

Clean City & Environment

Health Safe & Accessible Food

Substance Abuse and Prevention

Emotional & Mental Health

Public Safety, Crime, Emergency Preparedness & Response

Transportation, Trails, Parks, Open Space, Recreation

Health Care

The Quality of Life Indicators is an effort to develop a better way to inform key decisions in Alexandria and a collaboration between The Partnership for a Healthier Alexandria, ACT for Alexandria and Virginia Tech.

Once again, thanks so much for being about of this effort. If you have suggestions, please don't hesitate to share them by sending an email to tracy.viselli @ actionalexandria.org.

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Great job (and pic)!

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