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The Results Are In! Alexandria Quality of Life Indicators Voting



Over the last two months, ACTion Alexandria has worked with the Partnership for a Healthier Alexandria, ACT for Alexandria and Virginia Tech to solicit and gather feedback on new Quality of Life Indicators for Alexandria.

Voting Results
ACTion Alexandria received 901 votes from community members on the Quality of Life Indicators with some surprising results. Read more »

Thanks for One Month of Success

Thank you

When we launched the new ACTion Alexandria on the evening of February 7th, we didn’t really know what to expect. We knew what we’d like to see happen, but hoping for something and seeing your expectations exceeded week after week are two very different things. Read more »

Mission Accomplished!


Mission accomplished and then some!  That's right Alexandria, thanks to you and our action sponsor the Running Brooke Fund, 24 Alexandrians took action and helped Carpenter's Shelter raise a total of $1495.00 toward milk and after school snacks for children living at the shelter! Read more »

Vote for Your Favorite Quality of Life Indicators


We are really excited to use our new challenge functionality to give Alexandria residents the opportunity to help prioritize a new set of Quality of Life indicators. We've jerry-rigged things a bit by adding the indicators as "solutions, but don't let that throw you. All you need to do is browse through the indicators and vote for those you feel are most important. Read more »