Urgent Need for Pedialyte to Prevent Infant Dehydration

End Date: Sun, 02/27/2011 - 11:59am

The Arlandria Health Center for Pediatrics, managed by Alexandria Neighborhood Health Services, often gives children who are ill with diarrhea and/or vomiting pediatric electrolyte solution, such as Pedialyte™, to prevent dehydration. However, their supplies are running low. The Center needs 160 single servings of Pedialyte™ or it's equivalent to treat infants and young children.

The Center provides enough doses for twenty-four hours of fluid replacement for families who are unable to obtain it on their own. Dehydration can rapidly become dangerous in young children, and treating them immediately speeds their recovery and prevents unnecessary emergency room visits or hospitalization.

Take Action Now!

Click on the Take Action button below to help The Arlandria Health Center for Pediatrics continue providing pediatric electrolyte solution to the children who need it. You will be taken to ANHSI's website with instructions on you can help.

  • You can purchase single serving, 8-ounce bottles or juice boxes of Pedialyte™ online by using ANHSI’s Amazon Wish List.
  • You can purchase single serving, 8-ounce bottles or juice boxes of Pedialyte™ or a generic pediatric electrolyte solution at local CVS, Safeway, Shopper's Food Warehouse, Walmart stores and drop it off at ANHSI’s office (3804 Executive Ave., D-1, Alexandria, VA 22305).

The Center can only accepts single serving, 8-ounce bottles or juice boxes because there is less risk of contamination, they are easier to carry, and they are easier for parents or caretakers to follow the instructions for amounts. 

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