Help Us Pick Our Logo!

A few months ago, we began working with Ben Roberts and his design team at Six Half Dozen design studio in Alexandria on a branding process for ACTion Alexandria. After several conversations about the project and several rounds of iteration, the Six Half Dozen team helped us refine our design concept down to three logos. And now it's time for us to pick one and we'd like see what you think.

We've already been through an extensive branding process, so we're past the new ideas phase. What we are looking for is feedback on the three logos you see below. Some key aspects of the design you should be aware of:

  • We wanted to emphasize "ACT" to emphasize our relationship with ACT for Alexandria and the importance of "acting" on the new site.
  • We are hoping to build a model other communities will find easy to adopt in the future so the logo should lend itself to use by other cities and groups.
  • We wanted to emphasize four important concepts: action, engagement, community, and problem solving. We also wanted the logo to be easy to read and recognize as well as look and feel modern. We are an online project after all.

I think you'll see we have a tough choice. We're eager to hear what you think about the logos in the comments. Please keep in mind that this is not a vote, but a way for us to gather feedback on the logos from the community before we make our final choice.

Large Wifi
This logo preserves the upper-case "ACT" and a nod to technology by incorporating a wifi symbol above the "t" and "i." What we also like about this logo is that the "t" and "i" also represent people turned toward each other to interact.

Small Wifi
Only slightly different than the logo above, this logo incorporates the same elements but uses different fonts and a lower-case "act."

The most different, this logo swaps out the wifi symbol for dialogue boxes over the "t,""i," and "n." The "ACT" is in upper-case letters.

Which logo would you chose and why?


I think I like the second one best. I don't like the small capital "A" on number one. I do think "Alexandria" looks better in caps and smaller size on the first one. Either one or two would work great. Don't go with number three.

I really like the cleanliness of option 2. However, I'd like to see the "action" logomark from option 2 pairs with the "Alexandria" treatment from option 1. Great work though. I love the interaction between the "t" and the "i"

Overall, I like the clean approach of option 2. I'd like to see that "action" logomark from option 2 paired with the "Alexandria" treatment under option 1. Great work on the marks though. I love how the "t" and the "i" are interacting with one another.

I like the Small WiFi logo. I think the conversation boxes in the third option are unique and very interesting, but a little distracting from the name of the organization. The second option still denotes a youthful presence, but the WiFI symbol could also sort of signify movement or action, which is almost like a play on the symbols themselves.

My vote is for #1- I think the tie to ACT is important, reflected in the caps, and am a big fan of the "talking" t and i. Looks great!

I like the first one, but agree with Wendy that the second one looks cleaner. Don't think #3 gets across the web 2.0 as well as the others.

#1 Large Wifi - Because it showcases more strength than #2. Forget #3.

I like the second logo with the lower case act. It is cleaner

#2 gets my vote. with #1 as my second choice.
Personally didn't like #3 - I like the concept of the conversation bubbles representing community and interaction, but the end product was too busy.

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