Baby Shower at the Animal Shelter

It's puppy and kitten season and the doors of the Vola Lawson Animal Shelter are open to the unplanned and unwanted litters. You can help our puppies and kittens start life on the right paw by coming to the AWLA Baby Shower with a gift from our Foster Care Wish List.

This is the time of year when animal shelters are inundated with puppies and kittens. Not only does the influx of animals place a strain on the already tight resources of the shelter, but many of these young animals are not even big enough to be adopted. Luckily, the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria has a robust and successful foster care program to care for these young animals and prepare them for adoption and beyond.

How you can help

Animal lovers and those interested in becoming foster parents are invited to attend the AWLA Baby Shower at the Vola Lawson Animal Shelter on Saturday, April 6. The open-house syle event provides an opportunity to learn more about the foster care program, meet current foster parents, and donate items from the Foster Care Wish List.

Puppies and kittens aren't the only animals to benefit from foster care. Adult animals recovering from medical procedures or those who just need a quiet, stable environment are also ideal candidates for the foster program. While the League is always in need of foster parents and supplies, spring is one of the busiest (and most predictable) times of the year.

In addition to donating an item from the Foster Care Wish List or signing up to volunteer as a foster parent, all pet owners can make a difference by spaying or neutering their pets. Not only do these minor medical procedures eliminate unplanned and unwanted litters, they actually improve the health and happiness of your pets.

AWLA Baby Shower
Saturday, April 6, 2013
12 PM - 4 PM
Vola Lawson Animal Shelter
4101 Eisenhower Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22304


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