Alexandria Democratic Party Will Use “Ask the City Council Candidates” Forum in Final Primary Debate

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We are very excited to announce that the Alexandria Democratic Committee has partnered with ACTion Alexandria, a non-partisan community engagement platform, to solicit questions from the community for the final Democratic primary debate, on June 4.  The debate, which will be held in advance of the June 12 primary election, will use topics and questions from ACTion Alexandria’s "Ask the City Council Candidates" online election forum.

This means your question could become part of an official primary election debate!  ACTion Alexandria will continue to work with both political parties and other civic groups to find ways to incorporate your questions into the local 2012 election process--all the way through November.

If you have a question you want City Council candidates to answer, post it in our Ask the City Council Candidates forum today.


Read the full press release below:

“The ADC is fully committed to community outreach.  We look forward to using some of the topics and questions from the ACTion Alexandria site to pose to the candidates at our June 4th debate,” said Dak Hardwick, Alexandria Democratic Committee Chairman. “This partnership gives us an opportunity to solicit broad community input to ensure we have the best debate possible leading up to the June 12th Democratic primary.  We hope to receive many broad and diverse questions from the community.”

ACTion Alexandria’s “Ask the City Council Candidates” forum puts the power to highlight issues directly into the hands of Alexandria’s citizens. Alexandria residents can post their questions for the candidates in the online forum and/or vote for the questions they’d most like City Council candidates to answer--turning Alexandria citizens into virtual debate moderators. By providing an easy and public way to pose questions to candidates, the “Ask the City Council Candidates” online forum helps focus the City Council elections on the issues Alexandria residents feel are most important. 

“It’s our goal to elevate the role Alexandria residents play in the City Council elections this year by creating an online public dialogue that puts the focus on the issues Alexandrians feel are most important,” said Tracy Viselli, Community Manager of ACTion Alexandria. “We are so pleased the Alexandria Democratic Committee shares our vision of using new and innovative strategies to increase local civic engagement. ACTion extended the offer to both of Alexandria’s major political parties. We hope to continue to find ways to work with all as the elections move forward.”

The June 4th debate will be held at George Washington Middle School, located at 1005 Mt. Vernon Ave., and will start at 7:00 pm.

Submit Your Question for City Council candidates in the ACTion Alexandria Ask the City Council Candidates Forum today!


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