WoodWorks is the title because it is incorporating the use of mainly wood and natural resources to create a Wooden Oasis. The idea is to get as many schools involved as possible. An area on or near school grounds will be picked by administrators and students for this project. Many schools lack some form of scenery, greenery or Eco-system that they could enjoy. Tree stumps, logs,smooth stones, flowers branches-materials that can be found easily (cutting spending costs) in nature or even donated will be used to create "landscape furniture." Imagine creating stone paths, using logs as seating areas, tree stumps as tables and so much more!!!! A drawing or design of this Wooden Oasis will be given to each school (as a blueprint, but schools are free to modify it to reflect the natural resources around them. Science teachers along with students will create a natural filtration system (using rocks, sand etc) that links to a miniature, stone built waterfall. Art teachers can assist by helping students create birdhouses or other easy to build outdoor structures with Popsicle sticks. Non-toxic water-based paint will be used to paint the wood. Citrus fruit peels could be donated from cafeterias and can be dried and combined with local flowers to give the Wooden Oasis, natural colorful potpourri. High school wood shop and arts students can get community service hours by lending their skills in shaping the wood and drawing! On the weekends, residents, Home Depot DIY assistants, Michaels arts and crafts reps and youth can volunteer their time and expertise.This promotes a sense of community for all, team building, creative thinking, pride, giving back and getting a lot done with fewer resources. This will also be something families can implement in their own homes! The end result is a beautiful, naturally furnished area created completely from natural materials. Info graphs can be made and placed near the filtration system and how it works, the rings on tree stumps and it's use to determine a trees age and more. Estimated cost: start with 10 schools, rent 2 Uhaul pickup trucks per school ($20/day, for one day use, to load and haul heavier wood $200). *This is only if parents or volunteers don't have pickup trucks of their own to lend, than the cost is free), $100 per school for additional paint/art/craft supplies (non toxic water based $1000). Total cost: $1400. Length of time to create 7-14 days. This will have lasting benefits for everyone!!!


Wonderful idea!!!

Good thinking Jen! What a way to get everyone involved!!! :-)

Awesome Idea!

This is a cost effective project that helps our youth develop a sense of accountability towards their community. It's also a great way to take a break from the traditional classroom setting and infuse educational content with tactile and visual learning.

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