Wetland Gardens for Schools


Let’s face it: Alexandria does not have exemplary water quality. The two major streams in Alexandria, Four Mile Run and Hunting Creek, have both been named bacteria impaired by the EPA.  In a natural stream, there would be wetlands to filter the bacteria, but because of flood control initiatives, wetland plants have been removed.Our schools should work to replenish the wetlands by creating wetland gardens. Once mature, the plants can be transplanted to local waterways, improving water quality. This would be a inexpensive endeavor, as the project needs little more than dirt and the actual wetland plants. Many kids don't have a personal connection with any rivers or streams, even though we live by many. Planting wetland plant would give students the chance to just that. In most grades learning about different ecosystems are an important part of the science SOLs. Planting wetland plants would be a fun, hands-on project that would teach them a lot about how a wetland works. It’s a great chance for them to connect and learn about something in depth in a way they could not through memorization. This project would also empower students to create a positive change in their community. It would also equip them with skills and experience that would enable them to continue to make a difference in the future. This project has already been successfully implemented at GW Middle School, and I would love to see it spread to other schools in the city.


Especially good for those playgrounds with drainage problems!

At least macarthur and maury as far as i have heard. Love it.

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