Water Can Save Winkler


We are a seventh grade Science class at George Washington Middle School in Alexandria, Virginia. We had the opportunity to participate in a community-based class project in order to work together to better our city, and we decided to focus on the quality of water at Winkler Botanical Preserve. Having had countless feild trips to Winkler in the past, it's very important to all of us. Because of our relationship with the preserve, our schools have all been following the discussions centering the Winkler Botanical Preserve and BRAC Building for the past few years. The thought that the animals and wildlife at Winkler are in danger is worrisome, so we decided to do everything within our ability to protect it.


Winkler Memories!

Winkler is Elementary School Students second home. It was enjoyed by many and still is enjoyed by many! If no one votes for us, Winkler will have to go! :( When I went to Winkler in Elementary School, I remember doing really fun activities while learning. I remember in the second grade, we learned about maple trees and maple syrup. Then we went up to the clubhouse and made hot pancakes with fresh maple syrup. Other projects may save something important in our enviroment, but we are changing the enviroment and saving childhood memories. Please just take a couple of clicks and save Winkler so other children can enjoy it like we did!

Yay Winkler!

Awesome job on this Sadie! I voted 3 times and I am telling everybody with an email address to read up on our cause. Thanks!  

Go Sadie!

I hope you win the grant!

More info please

What exactly are you proposing to do?

What we're going to do.

 Our overall solution is to continue monitoring the water at the Winkler facility. We are also applying for grants to get money for better equipment to test the water with. Continuing to monitor the water will provide a better understanding of what is going at Winkler and if the unusual levels of some contaminants hold. We have contacted the FWQA (Federal Water Quality Association) in Washington D.C. to look at any other solutions to the water problem and are continuing to research any low-cost high-effective solutions to the water problem at Winkler. Thanks for the great question and please don't hesitate to ask any more.

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