Straight Talk with C. A. M. Gerlach






Thanks, Eugene...try not to yell it so loud next time!

Way to go Chris!

Great job Chris! This is an awesome video. You have my vote! ~Yasmin


Thanks, Yasmin. I appreciate it--it never would have happened had you not helped the "Keep it 360" campaign in the first place! You certainly deserved your place in the credits.©. A. M. Gerlach 

One more thing...

Finally, I'd like to thank Ms. Tracey Viselli for all her work putting on the contest and promptly answering my many questions regarding my entry. I'd also like to thank Yasmin Faruki, Ms. Tracy Reina, Ms. Rebecca Griesse, and Emma Beall for helping found Teens Talk and getting me involved with Keep it 360 in the first place. Keep up your excellent work on behalf of our community!


©. A. M. Gerlach

Full Credits and Info

©. A. M. Gerlach Presents...A WIDEnet Production.

 This is short promo that I produced for the "Keep it 360" video contest. If you like it, vote for me at You can create an account and vote  up to 5 times. Here are the full credits and acknowledgments:

Producer, Writer, Director, Lighting Tech, 1st Camera Operator, Editor, as Himself: C. A. M. Gerlach

2nd Camera Operator, Assistant to the Producer, "Reporter": Therese Gerlach

"Father": Richard Gerlach

Sound Tech: Shanna Gerlach

"Friend": Eugene Abbey

Additional Assistance: Mrs. Vilma Zefran

Additional Footage (Hockey): Internet Archive (Public Domain)

Music: FreePlay Music, Used with permission

Produced with Final Cut Studio Pro 6

A WIDEnet Production

A ©. A. M. Gerlach Media Video

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