Should Cutting Down Big Old Trees be Prohibited?


I've been surprised and very disappointed to find that there are no prohibitions against cutting down large old trees in neighborhoods when residents are adding on or remodeling homes. Recently for example our neighborhood lost a huge old tree that was providing shade to 4 different yards.My understanding is that, if the cutting is being done on private property, there is nothing the city can do about this. I seem to recall that the rules were different when we moved to our current residence 24 years ago.My question is, should there be prohibitions against cutting down large old healthy trees even when they are located on private property?



I have been disapointed with the city's ability to replace trees on public right of ways, especially in tree wells.  Supposedly, it is up to the homeowner or property owner to contact the city to get the tree replaced.  I have been an advocate for one for one tree replacement so that a tree is replaced for everyone removed.  I recently had a tree planted at Founders Park for one that had to be removed: the same policy could apply to homeowners, that they must replace any trees they remove, and if it is a tree over a certain diameter, perhaps more than one tree would be recommneded.  There is also a program, I believe for designating trees that are over 100 years old, which might help identify some that we should try to save.

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