Recycle at Youth sporting events


Have you been to a youth baseball/soccer/lacrosse/softball event in the City of Alexandria?  If so you must have seen the trash can overflowing with cans, Gatorade and water bottles.  Seems a shame that all that plastic is going straight to a landfill when it would be SO easy to recycle them!  I would like to implement recycling bins at all outdoor fields. I estimate we would need 25 bins to cover the city fields.  Total cost would be approx $1755 including additional bags.  Total time to implement would not be more than two weeks to receive the frames (and I would be willing to distribute the bins to all fields).   All of Alexandria would benefit, however it would be most prevalent to our youth who will see the continued committment to "going green" by the City of Alexandria.           


Seems like if players can bring the snacks

They ought to be able to take away the trash or recylcing. Come one coaches and parents we should be teaching them to do this without covering the fields with bins.

love this idea

I agree with the earlier poster that I usually bring my recycling home  - or I don't let my kids use plastic water bottles. As long as the city will regularly pick up, that would be great. I know that there are periods of time when the recycling bins on the playground at my childrens' school do not get picked up and because they are city and not school responsibility, they will often overflow. Thank you!

This is a Fabulous Idea- I would add one element to make it work

 People who do not see a trash can nearby will be inclined in their laziness to just throw their trash in the recycle bin along with their recycle items. By including a trash can near by, it will help people respect the seperation of garbage versus items that can be recycled.-Abigail Denecke

will the recycle folks pick up the contents of the recycle bins?

I have often carried my recyclables home from sporting events for this very reason.  However, it only works if  he contents are actually collected for recycling?  How will that aspect be handled?

Since the majority of these

Since the majority of these fields are in neighborhoods already scheduled for regular recycling pick up, I'd like to think the trucks could add the locations to their routes quite easily.   

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