Penny Recycling Program


Out of the three tenets of greener living--reducing, reusing and recycling--reusing has the greatest environmental impact. Currently, pennies--which cost more than their value to produce--are still in production by the U.S. Mint because trillions are sitting in people's homes or are otherwise not in use. Additionally, producing pennies not only puts a strain on our economy, but also a drain on our natural resources. With so many pennies sitting unused in people's homes--and coin jars--this program has the potential to impact both the environment and the economy, while rallying the community. The Proposal: Alexandria schools will participate in a competition to collect the most amount of pennies. Ideally, high schools will compete against high schools, middle schools against middle schools and elementary schools against elementary schools--with a winner at the end of the competition for each level. There can be a collective jar for each classroom (perhaps more easily in elementary school settings) or one for the whole school. At the end of the competition period (one month, three months, etc.), the pennies will be counted and rolled. Additionally, the pennies will be redeemed--and re-entered into circulation--and the school that collects the most pennies will be able to use the proceeds of all the schools at their level to invest in an eco-friendly project, whether it conserves energy or builds resources. Resources Required: Penny collection jars Community Participation: Students will be encouraged to work with local businesses to collect pennies, whether at grocery stores, restaurants, or even private businesses. This is when the community gets involved. By contributing their pennies, they are supporting both the environment and their community (schools).


Great idea but to be green do it with free recycled jars

Or The pennies themselves could be used to cover any costs

Great idea

Good luck!!

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