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 Music:Crazy Mix, By Dj Bl3nd;Llevame Contigo, by Romeo Santos 



Great job, guys! Love,Miss Emily

Thank you for your comment

The contest sponsors will determine which entries are eligible for the contest according to the rules. Thank you.


Thank you, Ms. Viselli. I was just trying to give the producers of the video a "heads-up" on a possible infringment issue, so if they saw my comment in time, they could perhaps have a chance to resolve any problems that could come up. I did my best to avoid any declaritive statements, speaking in only possibilities and conjectures, but I fully apologize if I at all sounded like I was condemning the video or unilaterally declaring it ineligable for competition. Feel free to edit or delete any or all of my post if you see fit.As I am not involved with the sponsors of this event, it is of course entirely up to them to make the decision to allow or reject content. From what I have seen, they stick tightly to the rules of the contest and apply them consitantly and evenly, so I don't think there should be any doubt that they will handle this prompty and fairly to all involved.Thank you for your your responce and understanding.

Copyright issue


This video was technically solid. However, I am concerned that at least one, if not all of at least three of the music tracks that were played are copyrighted (which would almost certainly be the case unless the contestants created, wrote, and performed the music themselves, which I would assume was not what was done). Thus, although they are certainly well-chosen to match the scene and the mood of the clip, this video is ineligible to be entered into the contest. The entry appears to violate the following contest rules unless ownership all three songs can be substantiated:

"...he or she owns the materials...and that such materials are the contestant’s original creation, created solely by the contestant, without any restrictions or limitations on the contestant’s right to submit or the Alexandria’s right to use the entry"

Which would not be the case with a copyrighted song, unless you have written permission from the publisher.

"by entering into the Contest, the contestant is not contravening any provisions of the Copyright Act, including the educational fair use provision"

Fair use would not include using a song for commercial gain, such as a contest.

"the entry does not contain material that is in violation of any law or regulation"

Which would be the case with published music, in violation of the DMCA.

Further, the rules state that the Sponsor

"shall own the entry submitted (including all rights embodied therein) and that Sponsor and its designees may exploit, edit, modify, display and distribute the entry and all elements of such entry throughout the world in perpetuity without compensation, permission or notification to contestant or any third party."

This would be impossible to adhere to if any of the material is copyrighted, such as any music, and thus the video would not be qualified for the contest.

Hopefully these concerns can get resolved or the music removed within the next few hours or it does not appear possible for the video to be entered into the contest, unless the rules are modified. I am concerned about possible legal action and other ramifications. Hopefully this will not be the case or the problems can be corrected, but otherwise, to be fair by the contest rules, the Sponsor may have no choice but to disqualify the entry.

Thank you and best of luck (as I do think your video is one of the best).

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