Neighborhood Weatherization: Going Green Together to Save Some Green


My Idea

  • A community-led effort to pursue a neighborhood weatherization project in a team effort to conserve energy and reduce energy costs to home-owners.

How it Works

  • ACTion Alexandria encourages Alexandria neighborhood families to sign up as a group to undergo a weatherization process of their homes together.
  • With ACTion Alexandria assistance, local auditors (e.g., a non-profit service organization) assesses the work to be done.
  • ACTion Alexandria requests/challenges are sent out and 3-5 local business responses are received and down-selected; the best company for the job is selected.
  • ACTion Alexandria presents the best option to participating neighborhood homeowners.
  • As a group, neighborhood home-owners receive a discount on weatherization improvements.
  • Neighborhoods become more energy efficient and participating home-owners’ energy bills are reduced.

What it Takes

  • Organization & Leadership ( ACTion Alexandria may be well-suited)
  • Neighborhood home-owners
  • Local Weatherization companies

Kinds of Weatherization Improvements

    To keep warm air in house in winter, and cold air in house in summer:

  • Filling cracks in walls
  • Filling cracks in ceilings
  • Upgrading attic insulation

Estimated Savings & Costs

  • Each family will likely have a different set of improvements completed on their homes.
  • Estimated average total cost per household is $3,000.
  • Group will likely pay about 15% less for their improvements with a group discount and they will likely save an average of 15%-25% on their energy bill after the weatherization.

Other Benefits

  • Builds community spirit when neighborhood families accomplish weatherization as a group.
  • Potentially bigger impact for Alexandria, because weatherization occurs on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis.


This is a far better idea that committees or 1 day activities

Because at the end something lasting will be accomplished.

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