Keeping Our Community Green: Recycling-Focused PlayGroups (West End & Chirilagua/Arlandria)


For one month every year, our Learn & PlayGroup families (children 0-5 and their caregivers) spend time together learning about “Community Helpers” – all the people in our community who make it a safe, healthy and fun place to live.  Our Green Idea is to spend one week of this important unit and dedicate it to those who help Alexandria stay clean and green. We will make trucks out of recycled boxes with families and practice sorting using objects that can go in either trash or recycling. We will also share with parents the ways in which these efforts make our city more clean, more green and more healthy for all to play, including sharing Scavenger Hunt ideas through images of items around our City that are made from recycled goods. Each family will bring in a small cardboard item from their own homes during this week, out of which we will demonstrate how to make a puzzle at home. They will receive a takeaway instruction sheet (on recycled paper, of course!) with several crafts made from resuable items. Everyone will also receive a copy of the City’s Guide to Trash & Recycling, for reference and sharing with others in their family and communities.$1800 will cover the cost of these “Green” playgroups, including the supplies necessary for the crafts, snack for families, and additional facilitator time for preparation of takeaway items. The entire project will be implemented during one week, taking place across 13 groups in the West End and Chirilagua/Arlandria neighborhoods (New Brookside, Cora Kelly Recreational Center, the Center, Brent Place, the Pavilion at Mark Center and Ramsey Recreational Center). About 300 children and their parents will benefit from this educational and interactive project, becoming active, engaged members in our community efforts to keep Alexandria green!   


 A wonderful idea to support

 A wonderful idea to support Families while keeping the Alexandria Community Green!    

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