Holmes Run Park


I have lived in a duplex on Pelham for 32 of my 33 years.  I love this neighborhood and am now raising my children here.  I would really love for us to go to the playground and enjoy a safe and challenging experience and for my children to love this place as much as I do. There are hundreds of small children that use Holmes Run Park. Many of these children live in the apartments, duplexes, and townhouses that line the sides of Holmes Run Creek and have small or non-existent outdoor play areas of their own.  As a parent who frequents this park, I have experience and witnessed multi-cultural and multi-generational exchanges, friends made, neighbors introduced, and most importantly children learning, socializing, and getting the physical exercise their growing minds and bodies need.The park is in need of repair.  At least two of the swings on the swing set are unusable.  The mulch needs to be replenished every year and kids still get their clothes quite dirty as opposed to a soft surface which is gentler on the body for falls, much cleaner, and does not need replacement yearly. (Not to mention my 11 month old puts everything in her mouth, including mulch!)  The park play structures for all ages.  The site is really beautiful with large shade trees for parents to sit under and watch their kids play, but the structures just don't serve kids well. Kids should be able to climb, slide, hide, have little games, race, jump and more.  There is a small slide, a pretend car that only a couple of kids could play in, and a little bouncer, which kids rarely play on. The next available park is up at Polk school which is quite far to walk for most of us. I hope that you will choose our park for the grant.  Please help our community to serve our children well. Thank you.


Serving two large apartment complexes

This park, near North Ripley Street, serves two large apartment complexes - Brookville Apartments, and Willow Run Apartments. The rents at these apartments low compared to those in east of Alexandria, and accordingly the tenants have lower incomes - and fewer recreational opportunities - than to people living in the east part of Alexandria. 

This park is pitiful!

We live nearby in the single family homes in Brookville. My daughter is 4 and we have often played at this park over the years due to its convenience. However, we rarely go now-- the swings were GONE for quite awhile, just the frame remained (May be back now, I don't know, we haven't been over there in ages) The teeter-totter horse is half broken. The car and slide are ver small.It would be great to have a soft surface, as mentioned previously, and new play items good for all ages. At 4, my duaghter has outgrown the current equipment except for the monky bars/dome and the swings. There are so  many kids clustered in the nearby area, this park should be a haven for them, a place where kids up to age 10 or so could play.The newly-renovated park over in Warwick Village is a perfect example of what Holmes Run should be. Copy it, and the kids in this neighborhood would be thrilled!

Holmes Run Park

This area serves a wide swath of households---apartments, condominiums, townhouses, single-family as well as age groups from young to old.  It is quiet, tranquil and beautiful.  But it could use some more play structures for the children that are safe and attractive.

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