To get wider participation in planning discussions, offer food


If you really want to get more of the community involved in planning for the future of Alexandria, a great way to draw people in is free food. I realize that costs money, but it probably doesn't have to be anything fancy. Cheap finger food, maybe a cookout. This will definitely pull in a much wider group of people than an average planning session.


I agree with Nicole Gauvin

But we could take donations from local vendors - such as free munchkins...  It would be worth a shot to reach out to local vendors for support


I'm not sure that this is the best use of our tax dollars.

Free Food to Entice Citizens to Public Meetings????

I do not think that invidiuals who are really concerned about the state of affairs of the city and how it uses is resources will refuse to attend because he/she is not being provided with Free Food.  I agree with Nicole Gauvin, to provide "Free Food" as an enticement to attend meetings is not the best use of our tax dollars.  The City needs to find away to get information (e.g., issues, options, pros and cons) out to its citizens in a timely and cost efficient manner (e.g., email) and provide the opportunity for citizens' online back.  Once, it has recieved such online input, then it can continue to deliberate in more formal meetings (group, commissions, advisory groups, etc.) and address the matter in Council Meetings. 

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