Food Trucks in Alexandria


What is your stance on allowing food trucks to serve in Alexandria? While I appreciated the city's stab at this by inviting restaurants in Old Town to set up carts, that program has not seemed effective from a consumer's point of view. Food trucks bring a variety of flavors and create a festive atmosphere in the streets, and I believe that Alexandria is missing out by banning them. Do you agree? 


Food Truck Festival

Let's have a Food Truck festival one weekend this summer/fall and see how people like it!  Could be on the street in front of Founders Park. 

A hit at the PTO Community Day

Every year the PTO puts on a Community Day and there are always LONG lines for every food truck. I think Alexandria is totally missing out. Make them buy a permit and then let them feed the masses!

Food Trucks

I believe Alexandria is missing out by not allowing food trucks.  Food Trucks are bringing exciting food and beverages, many which promote healthy eating, and also promote helping small start up restuaranters achieve theri dream.  I used to cook for a vegetarian food truck in Philadelphia when I was 18, and it was hard but rewarding work.  I knew it was a good thing, as their was always thirty people lined up outside the cart, and they had to expand to a wide cart.  And this was in the 80's, so imagine the excting options now.  More restaurants would not mean a loss of business fro Brick and Mortor Restaurants, but make Alexandria More known for its fresh food offerings.  Working with the health department and finding appropriate places to put food trucks I think can be done.  With regualtion, we would collect sales tax, and possibly fees if we set up special vending areas, like perhaps outside city hall, so our employees can eat quick and get back to work, and so people can enjoy the outdoor dining around the fountain.Boyd Walker

Healthy food options

Thanks for your comments, Boyd. I completely agree with you that food trucks can provide healthier foods. My husband and I are vegans who eat only healthy, real foods, and we have great difficulty finding places to eat out in Alexandria. Le Pain Quotidien is great, but that's pretty much the only viable restaurant for us. With food trucks, we'd have many more options. In fact, we're about to hop in our car to drive to Rolls On Rolls ( in the district to get some healthy Indian food. I wish we could just walk down the street and support a business in Alexandria instead, but we had Le Pain Quotidien yesterday. :)

Tax Them

I have no problem with food trucks in OT, but they should pay the same tax that brick and mortar restaurants are paying.

Food Trucks in Alexandria

I am in favor. Some of them are very creative in their offerings and would add to the color of the City.

Food Trucks

Food truck should be a part of OT.Another way to bring options not only to our residents but also to those who visit. 

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