Engage the City's Commuters!?


Let's talk about how we, the commuters that love to work in the area, can get involved. I am not sure exactly how to do this but I would like to participate and am not sure how to go about it ...or even if I am welcome? I get asked about "do I live in Alexandria?" a lot and so I am not sure how Alexandrians feel about non-residents participating...what do you think?



I can see where Chris Bogdanovich is coming from and Nicole Gauvin.  Commuters might request things that they will not pay for in the end.  However, commuters might end up paying for those requested changes if for example, WMATA raises their fees to accommodate more public transportation access, equipment, etc.  Commuters might also have input as far as the safety of the areas, more restaurants, etc.  I think the Alexandria community could benefit from requests the commuters might introduce to us, especially because the commuters are seeing our communities from a different perspective.  There will be a great deal of voting and approval process which can help regulate opinions from commuters and residents.  I think it's always great to get as much diverse input as possible to better our lives and our communities.

Sure, why not?

If you work in Alexandria, you probably spend a good portion of your day here. It's only natural that you'd want to have a stake in local politics.

With a grain of salt

In my opinion, working in Alexandria and living in Alexandria are different.  For example commuters may continually request the building of additional roads or added bus services which would be paid for by the residents of Alexandria and NOT someone who lives outside the area and commutes in.  I’m not saying their ideas may not be valid however they would not be responsible for the costs.  The flip side; said commuters may move to Alexandria which would make this a moot point. 

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