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Good angles covered.

Hopefully kids will be receptive to a message presented like this.

Thank you for your comments

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i dont ike this video

i dont ike this video

CGI Animation Package/Content Rights

Ms. Phelps,

I am wondering what CGI software package was used to create the animated graphics used for this production. (It should probably be credited, or at least mentioned.) It looks to be quite a competent piece of software, assuming everything was created manually and not from templates.

Speaking of which, did you personally create all of the graphics, animations, background, and computer voices yourself, or were any from templates, websites, or built into the software? If any are made by anyone besides yourself, or from a web site, is explicit permission given for unlimited re-use, distribution, broadcasting, and commercialization of content? If not, I worry that there could be copyright or other legal issues involved.


CGI Animation

I used State which is the desktop version of Xtranormal's free web-based movie making tool. This tool is a lot of fun and pretty easy to use. I'm glad you wrote because it made me look again at the upload process. I did the upload from iMovie rather from within State so that I could put in the beginning and ending slides.  I did not know I would be inadvertently bypassing the step where the software pasted in an attribution. I've updated the YouTube description and tags to put the attribution back in and I am confirming with Xtranormal that all is OK. Thank you. ...


Thank you for the reply. Sounds good, and thanks for making the changes. I would agree that the issue of whether you would be allowed to distribute the content beyond just "personal use" is somewhat unclear, due to the distinction between the "material" and "user content" from Xtranormal. My feeling is that it would be fine since you own the software, but it is always best to check first, as you quite wisely did. Here is the relevant section from their Terms of Service:

"You may not remove any product identification, trademarks, copyright notices or other notices from the materials or any copies you may have made for your own personal use."

"Any unauthorized downloading, use, copying, modification or distribution of the materials may be in breach of statutory or common law rights which may be the subject of legal action."

You are clearly committed to resolving these concerns with Xtranormal, and I wish you the best of luck with that.

One other note. In the interests of full disclosure of what you did and didn't do, I would probably make clear in the comments or description that the backgrounds, characters, and movements were from templates (unless you did hand create them), and the text, scripting, and I would presume choice of CA angle were yours, and you put it all together. Of course, it is the words that matter more than the technical aspects, so thus informed, the judges would be able to credit you for what you did.

Oh, and just a reminder to everyone: Don't feed the trolls!


C. A. M. Gerlach


The youtube descriptions have a link to the Xtranormal site where it is easy to see for someone to see the capabilities of the software and to create a video, should one be so inclined. Yes, all text, script and camera angles are mine although it is possible for Xtranormal to do the camera angles too. Finally, Xtranormal's support staff confirmed for me today that creating a video for a contest is acceptable as "personal use." There are actually thousands, maybe more, of Xtranormal videos on youtube, some of which have gone viral and are very funny.  I think many people will have seen videos like this before. Hope this takes care of everything. Am looking forward to seeing more videos and hearing what my kids think.  It's easy to think that everything is so different now but so far, I am finding the issues and questions, when you get to the core of it all, to be pretty much the same as when I was a teenager.

Thanks again

Ms. Phelps,

I would agree with all of your statements, and it looks like everything is indeed cleared up. Interestingly, your final sentence reflects part of the essence of the message I am attempting to get across in my own production, that one's parents can be a valuable resource to understanding the issues facing us teens today. I quote from my own script: "Our parents...have already faced these hard decisions and learned from them." Through the making of this production, that has been made even more clear to me. I have been working around the clock to get post-prod complete by late tomorrow.


C. A. M. Gerlach

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