Capital Spending


A number of candidates are talking about buying the private land on the waterfront, spending city money to create trolley's instead of BRT, and to buy historic properties.  How would you balance these capital spending items with current plans to build new classroom space for the schools, new fire stations, to fix stormwater issues in the city, manage flooding, buy new busses and fix the combined sewer system in old town?  What should the city's capital priorities be.  Which capital spending/infrastructure items are your first and second priorities?  Whatever your priorities are, how would you pay for them?  And lastly as capital spending impacts the city's bond rating.  Do you support policies to maintain the city's AAA bond rating?



This is is the kind of leading question that has provided an answer before there any attempt to look at the problem. Obviously, we need to fund the school system. But we also need to build a livable city with a stable tax base that will in turn provide revenue for the schools, police, fire, etc.If we don't develop carefully we will end looking like Ballston, and our revenue will be tied up providing services that we must provide (more police, fire, sewers etc). There will less revenue and less choice to fund the things that will make Alexandria a more attractive , not a less attractive, place to live and raise a family.How we develop the waterfront for example will determine whether the waterfront is an asset or a liability. BRAC is a liability and who approved (or do not fight hard enough to stop) that project? Is that helping the schools? Is that what we want to see along the river or anywhere else?Is BRAC or a waterfront that won't add value to an historic destination going to sustain our AAA bond rating?   Andrew MacdonaldAndrew Macdonald for Mayor PS Moody's cares about one thing --our ability to pay taxes and that means fewer and fewer residents of lower income living in Alexandria. Let's not confuse a AAA rating with good planning.     

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