Bike Lanes: Alexandria city's high schools


I propose the creation of bike lanes established along King Street and Braddock Road, where not already existing, to provide safe travel to, and connection between, the city's high schools: TC Williams, Minnie Howard, Episcopal and St. Stephens/St. Agnes. This would encourage students to cycle to school, to and from after school activities, and to other school campuses rather than being driven by mom and dad in the minivan. Alexandria's kids will feel great adopting this healthy, quiet, inexpensive, safe and independent form of transportation...and there is plenty of space along King Street, from Janney's Lane heading north-west and/or south-east, to the TC campus, and along Braddock in both directions to the St. Stephens/St. Agnes campus. With gas prices set to hit $5/gallon soon, it's time to encourage cycling in the city...and these older students already know the traffic patterns (many are licensed to drive already). Why spend another morning/afternoon playing chauffeur to Junior when he's perfectly capable of transporting himself? Vote to install bike lanes connecting Alexandria's high schools; thanks!Excellent free download from Active Living Research that provides more detailed benefits of cycling to school: the first annual "Bike to School Day", May 9, 2012 by casting a vote for the creation of bike lanes in Alexandria....thanks!: 


Biking from Alexandria to George Mason University

hi allI cycled from Delray, Alexandria, to GMU in Fairfax County (42 miles round trip) on Monday. It was a great ride: >30 miles were on the W&OD and Cross County bike paths....riding past streams, closed tree canopy and wildflowers everywhere. Beats the beltway! Even busy Gallows road had a designated bike lane going right to the Dunn Loring metro station.Let's go Alexandria: we can do better!

Thank you all!

Thank you for voting everyone,I appreciate your support! I have been very gratified seeing bikes everywhere in Alexandria, over these past few sunny days, and I'm psyched to see more kids on bikes, hopefully soon. I have, however, seen very few cyclists along this proposed route....let's hope we can change that reality, together!

Alexandria City's Pedestrian and Bicycle Mobility Plan: link

I forgot to log in when I

I forgot to log in when I submitted the comment above...sorry for that! I have read the master plan and bike lanes to the high schools are, indeed, included. I think it would be great to work with the city and apply for private grant money to upgrade the proposed bike lanes (perhaps from a shared-road symbol to an actual lane-stripe) or expand the number of lanes. An example of a privately funded organization supplying grants to municipalities is Bikes Belong ( ) You can read about their granting program here: plan also calls for educational funding to encourage cycling; I will donate any money awarded from ACTion Alexandria to the TC Bike Club to fund their efforts at bike promotion among public school students.

bike lanes in Alexandria

This would benefit the community in general by getting more cars off the roads. Increasing the safety of bike travel by providing dedicated bike lanes will promote increased biking. We are fortunate to live in a community that is very bikeable in terms of distances to typical activities of our day.

Thanks Brett!...I can vouch

Thanks Brett!...I can vouch that he walks the walk:)

Safe Routes to Schools

hey all,I was very happy to pass many bike commuters on this beautiful morning including several families biking together to school and work: bravo!If you're still not convinced of the benefits to your family by the creation of safe cycling routes to school, this website provides the details: first annual National Bike to School Day is planned for May 9, 2012....spread the word: cycling is great for students (and their parents)!

Install solar-powered "Big Belly" compacting trash cans

I'd like to suggest the city install "Big Belly" solar-powered compacting trash cans like the kind in Chicago and Philadelphia. The trash cans have a companion recycling bin.  The Big Belly trash cans could be installed near the Metro stops, in shopping centers, and other areas with high pedestrian traffic such as Old Town, Mt. Vernon Ave., and sections of Duke Street. Chicago and Philadelphia have already installed these and have saved millions of dollars in trash collection and energy costs. Fewer trash trucks on the street also mean lower toxic emissions and a cleaner environment.Each unit holds five times the garbage of a normal trash can and has its own built-in sensor that alerts the city when it’s full. There’s also an attached container for recyclables.Here's the link to the Big Belly website that describes how these solar-powered compacting trash cans would work:

Not to mention the impact on

Not to mention the impact on child obesity. Great idea!

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