Tahirih Justice Center


The Tahirih Justice Center works to protect immigrant women and girls seeking justice in the United States from gender-based violence. Leveraging both in-house and pro bono attorneys, we empower our clients to achieve justice and equality through holistic direct legal services and national public policy advocacy.



The Tahirih Justice Center is an innovative, efficient, and strategic nonprofit organization that works to protect immigrant women and girls from gender-based violence through legal services, advocacy, and public education programs.

Focused on our mission, we also work to maintain and grow our organizational capacity. Our dedicated staff, infrastructure, processes, policies, and procedures make the Tahirih Justice Center better able to provide life-saving protection for our clients. We intentionally foster a learning environment; to that end, we have integrated processes for continuous reflection, evaluation, feedback, and learning that include:

  • Regular 360º reviews of all staff, including the Executive Director
  • Regular organizational evaluation against measurable goals and specific metrics
  • Annual departmental retreats
  • Annual strategic planning processes
  • Team-building activities
  • A professional development stipend for each staff member, and routine in-house trainings on issues such as stress management, diversity, and public speaking
  • Staff-wide orientation retreats
  • Regular staff and departmental meetings where information is shared and everyone is invited to raise concerns and help address problems

Tahirih’s efforts to manage high quality programs and operations have been recognized through several distinguished awards , including the 2007 Washington Post Award for Excellence in Nonprofit Management. We invite you learn more about who we are, join us in our efforts to overcome gender-based violence and achieve justice for women and girls in need.



6402 Arlington Blvd, Suite 300
Falls Church, VA 22042
Phone: 571-282-6161