North Ridge Citizens' Association


The North Ridge Citizens' Association (NRCA) promotes the interests of the homeowners and residents of our community in Alexandria, Virginia


NRCA sponsors events and causes that enrich our community life and benefit residents, including:
    •    Annual neighborhood tree sale
    •    Wheel Day parade for kids
    •    Beverly Park (AKA "The Pit") beautification
    •    Candidate and elected official forums
    •    Holiday tree sale
Additionally, members seek to preserve the quality of our community by working with neighbors and the City of Alexandria to assure that zoning and building codes are observed. The association also promotes the beauty and livability of North Ridge by fostering the planting of trees and the protection of common areas, parks and wildlife. NRCA provides a "town hall" for North Ridge's nearly 3,000 households to discuss issues that come before the City's commissions and boards, including zoning, traffic calming, and parking.


P.O. Box 3242 

Alexandria, VA 22302


North Ridge/Rosemont,