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Nature's Voice Our Choice is fostering an understanding of the role of water in our lives and changing how water is managed in our built environment.  We envision a world where water is managed and valued for its economic, ecologic, health, and social benefits.


We are achieving our objective by bringing water to the forefront of public concern and visually tracking the results in an online river. Education: Through education and outreach we work with schools, businesses, community groups create awareness around where their water supply comes from, where it goes after use, and the energy and cost involved in providing potable water supply. Resources: We provide the public with resources that allow them to become more informed and take action. This includes demonstrations, how-to videos, publications, case studies, and information on the most effective, low-cost, proven devices, services, and strategies for conserving water. Implementation: Through community projects, business consulting, and contracts with cities agencies we are implementing sustainable water management projects that also conserve energy and save money. Tracking: All of the above activities lead to increased awareness and action. This year we are bringing an exciting new feature to our work. Each water saving activity will be tracked through an facebook app and people can see their impact in an online river, the Virtual River.


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