IMA Generation


IMA Generation, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing arts and cultural awareness to the lives of children of low-income families. We believe we can tighten the achievement gap found in public education by exposing our children to artistic and international experiences.

IMA Generation focuses on teens as it is the most fragile time in the positive development of an individual.


Teen Outreach

IMA works with teens of the lower socio-economic status who are becoming increasingly marginalized by our public education system. While IMA is non-academic, we create opportunities for “out-of-box” thinking by hosting cultural/artistic activities at local schools and community centers which will Inspire, Motivate and put our youth to Action for the betterment of themselves, their family and their community.

The power of international experience is undeniable

Children of low-income families most likely will never have the opportunity of travel if they cannot see beyond their limitations. We live in a globalized world which needs Inspired, Motivated and Active global citizens.

 IMA Generation brings the GLOBE home and the COMMUNITY together.

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