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Get Out and Give Back wants to let people know about the many, varied ways to give back, and to highlight and promote the work that our metro DC nonprofits do.Like a gigantic bee that buzzes from nonprofit to nonprofit throughout the metro DC area (and sometimes farther), Get Out and Give Back finds out what each nonprofit agency does and what it needs through “boots on the ground” volunteering, I write a story and post on the website and other venues, and promote it via social media. In other words, Get Out and Give Back’s mission is, quite simply, to help people to give back. And it’s done several ways, but mostly by attempting to “be the change.” I try to volunteer with three or four nonprofits each week, live-tweeting while I’m there. Soon after an event, a story appears on the homepage, with tweets and Facebook notifications to bring the story to the readers.  The story may also appear in DC area magazines or other publications. Additionally, I see many programs and needs as I volunteer across metro DC, and sometimes I can connect them with other charities or business leaders.  From that partnership, the nonprofit can operate more effectively or serve more people in need. It is a lot like starring in my own reality show, and it’s rewarding beyond words.  



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