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The Foundation strives to empower kids to believe in themselves and their dreams. Our goals include creating and distributing innovative multi-media educational material that builds self-esteem, creates opportunities for learning and growth in the areas of literacy and wellness. All print and multimedia educational materials that we produce support child empowerment theory, enhancing children’s ability to solve their own problems and to realize that the real magic lies within us all.



· research and evaluation of existing multi-media educational resources on the topics of problem-solving and self-esteem building in young children available in the home or classroom;

· design and production of various kinds of educational materials ranging from picture books, print Braille books and reading books to curriculum guides, audio programs, and video/television programming;

· development and production of new educational media forms including Web, Internet technology, online gaming, interactive toys and other evolving media forms;

· distribution of no or very low cost children’s education materials designed to empower children and developed for various programs that work with disadvantaged children including: shelters for homeless children, head start programs, schools, pre-schools and other facilities serving disadvantaged children;



DreamDog Foundation
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