Concerned Citizens Network of Alexandria (CCNA)


Alexandria Public City School's Minority Students Are Not Receiving Equal Access To A Quality Education.


Goals For All Students in ACPS:

  • Reduce the drop out rates
  • Increase student achievement levels
  • Change image from ?at risk? to ?at promise?
  • Develop partnerships among all communities
  • Increase the number of students transitioning from high school into institutions of higher education and/or career paths.


  • A more quality & diverse teacher and administrative workforce
  • Increased graduation rates
  • Increased annual yearly progress (AYP) & accreditation
  • Increased number of:

   Underrepresented students in TAG, Honors & Advanced Diplomas
   Students applying for and receiving substantial financial aid support
   Students receiving full scholarships @ major universities

  •  Increased parental involvement in every aspect of our children's education and growth

United Way CFC #94370


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