Arlington/Alexandria 4-H


4-H is the youth development program of Virginia Cooperative Extension.  We are dedicated to providing fun, hands-on educational programming for young people.  While 4-H has traditionally been a predominantly rural organization, we have much to offer to urban youth and families.  With projects on everything from fine arts to robotics to zoology, there is something for everyone in 4-H.  If you are interested in getting involved with 4-H in Arlington and Alexandria, whether as a volunteer or participant, send an e-mail to the local 4-H agent, Farrell Oxley, at


Farrell Oxley4-H Extension Agent: Arlington/Alexandria3308 S. Stafford St.Arlington, VA 22206Office: (703) 228-6404Cell: (202) 316-0993Fax: (703) 228-6407E-mail:


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