Alexandria Rugby


To promote and develop fitness, sportsmanship, teamwork and leadership in Alexandria's youth through the game of rugby.


Alexandria Rugby was formed in 2006 by a group of former ruggers, city residents and rugby enthusiasts. A common desire to see rugby take hold and thrive with the city's youth was the driving force behind forming the organization. While a youth program and a high school club team had been formed a few years earlier, both were in need of a boost. The founders saw this need and decided to form an organization that could help these programs by:

    * Providing much needed funding and manpower resources,
    * Working within the community to educate and instruct young people in the sport,
    * Working to raise awareness of the sport amongst the general population,
    * Support it's adoption by more local schools and groups.

Alexandria Rugby, Inc. is the result. 

AR intends to accomplish its mission in a number of ways:

    * Support existing youth and high school rugby programs in the city through manpower and money,
    * Encourage the establishment of new programs at the three private high schools in the city,
    * Provide financial support to deserving college-bound high school rugby players,
    * Sponsor/manage a U-19 Summer Sevens program for ALL city kids regardless their school affiliations,
    * Host a few major fund raising events each year,
    * Host various activities throughout the year designed to raise awareness of the sport in the community.

One of AR's greatest strengths is that its membership transcends the traditional club boundaries. All the AR board members played for different clubs and still hold strong ties and alligiences to those clubs. Alexandria Rugby permits everyone to build new intra-club relationships while maintaining their proud club affiliations. In fact, having the different club affiliations enhances AR's ability to get things done while supporting the entire rugby community.


Alexandria Rugby
P.O. Box 26244
Alexandria, VA 22313