Alexandria Federation of Civic Associations


The Alexandria Federation of Civic Associations (the Federation) is a city-wide association of neighborhood civic, residential, condominium and tenant associations in the City of Alexandria, Virginia.
Our purpose is to serve as a means of two-way communication among member Associations about matters of common interest, supplying information to member associations and drawing upon the collective knowledge of the member groups. The Federation also represents views of the Federation before the city government when a majority of the membership takes a position on a particular issue. A major activity is to assure citizen involvement and public comment on matters of general interest considered by the City and its various staff departments, City Commissions and the City Council.


The Federation is City-wide in scope and non-partisan in nature.  It seeks to provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas among local neighborhood and homeowners’ organizations and associations. It promotes full discussion of issues likely to affect residents of the City.  Topics of particular interest to Federation members include City procedures and policies, residential and commercial development proposals and plans, environmental concerns, transportation, education, open space, infrastructure, public safety, health services, and housing.
The Federation works to encourage a free, spirited and continuing dialogue among community leaders and city elected officials and appointed representatives.  A founding principle of the Federation is that civil discourse involving strong neighborhood and homeowners’ associations and others throughout the City, will foster a better Alexandria for all.





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