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Nikki Enfield

The Vital Body

Nikki's passion is helping people live better in their bodies. After spending over a decade in politics, she knows first-hand the abuse we can do to ourselves without even knowing it--whether it's pain inflicted by bad posture, injuries caused by sporadic exercise, or kinks in the neck from sleeping wrong. As a LMT she specializes in utilizing various massage techniques, such as Swedish, deep tissue, sports, muscle energy techniques, and assisted stretching to help clients live healthier, more pain-free lives.  When she's not working out the kinks: She's running, doing Pilates, or hanging out with friends somewhere on The Avenue.

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BodyWise Workshop

2016 Mt. Vernon Ave, Suite 209 (above Bon Vivant Cafe)

(be)Happy Hour

Bon Vivant Cafe's Backroom (2016 Mt. Vernon Ave)