On ACTion, you can earn badges for doing good stuff like taking and posting actions, commenting, voting, sharing your ideas, etc. Some are easy to earn and some take a little more effort. You can see which badges you've earned on your dashboard everytime you login to your account.


- Only people who registered for the site before March 8th, 2011 got this badge. Sorry you missed your chance. It's a limited addition, and will never be released from the vault.


- Congratulations, all you have to do to earn this badge is be a resident of the City of Alexandria. You're already awesome!

Team Captain

 - You like to to start action, we like people who start action. Post an action, get some team members to help. Team Captains FTW!


- Post 5 actions and you are about as awesome as they come. You know how to farm a team and inspire success. We're glad you're on our team.


- This is a special badge for organizations only. Post an action for your organization and contibute to our mutual success.


- Whew, you're one active organization. 5 actions already? We're making you an ambassador! Lord Marburys will not be tolerated.

Action Hero

 - Take your first action and become our hero. Yes, it really is that easy. Just click on "Act Now," grab your cape and get ready for action!


- Take 5 actions and we'll roll out the red carpet for you like you're J-Lo with an entourage.


 - We like writers A LOT. Post a blog post and you'll get rave reviews from us everytime.


- Shakespeare ain't got nothing on you! You've written 5 blog posts. Did we already say we like writers A LOT!? Your complimentary quill will be delivered by horseback in 36 days.


 - You have a lot of Ideas and like to share them! Thanks for sharing one with us. We know who to call the next time we have to solve a city problem with just duck tape and a few safety pins.


- It's never been easier to become a certified genius. Share 5 or more Ideas and BAM, this badge will hit you like a lightning bolt, which will explain your new hairdo.


 - Okay, so it wasn't your Idea, but you're a fan. Thanks for exercising your franchise.


- Vote on 5 Ideas and you're a true advocate. It's a good thing we let you vote a lot here.


 - We're not saying it like it's a bad thing!  Post a comment and we'll give you a badge of honor.

Town Crier

- You love to comment, and we think that's great. Comment 5 times and we'll dub you the Town's Crier. Hear ye, hear ye and all that.