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Angela Bryant-Brown

By Your Side Ministries, Inc.

 By Your Side Ministries was founded by Angela Bryant-Brown, a native of Syracuse, New York.A single parent at the age of 19, Angela personally experienced the various challenges of a young, single parent and understands the importance  of having someone by your side to help you through the tough times. In fact, if it weren’t for the support of family, friends and even strangers, it  would have been extremely difficult to achieve her academic goal as well as survive on a daily basis.  It is that support that fuels her desire to  help other economically and socially challenged young, single parents.After completing her Bachelor of Science degree at Oakwood College, Angela entered corporate America and worked for corporations such as  Freddie Mac, WorldCom/MCI and Mantech International.In the year 2000, Angela served as co-director of Youth of the Way, an Alexandria, Virginia based teen ministry that focuses on self and  spiritual development.  During her 10 year tenure, she planned annual retreats, social events, workshops and presented inspirational music and oral presentations for youth ages 12-19.  As an executive member of the ministry, part of Angela’s responsibility was to help recruit, manage and motivate YOW volunteers.  In addition, she was responsible for fundraising where she successfully raised thousands of dollars to pay for the annual retreat so that no youth was left behind due to financial hardship.In 2001, she left the traditional workforce, recorded her debut CD, From You, and founded her singing ministry,Sounds4thesoul, a ministry that uses inspirational music and spoken word to inspire and motivates audiences all over the world.In 2006, Angela founded the nonprofit, By Your Side Ministries, Inc. in response to the massive need of support for unprepared, young mothers and their dependents as well as her wanting to fulfill her promise to God to reach back and help someone like herself achieve their life’s purpose.In 2009, Angela earned her MBA with a concentration in Human Resource Management.  She is currently self-employed.Angela resides in Northern Virginia with her husband Earl and their children Sydni and Roderick.  

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