Friends of Guest House Night of Transformation

Event Date

Thursday, November 7, 2013 - 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Event Location
The Collingwood Library and Museum 8301 E Boulevard Dr Alexandria, VA

Founded in 1974, Friends of Guest House helps Northern Virginia women make successful transitions from incarceration back into the community.  We address the root causes of the vicious cycle of crime, giving our clients the most effective help so they do not re-offend. Our program focuses on core issues ranging from trauma to housing and employment.

Our work is funded by state and local government agencies, foundations, religious groups, businesses and individuals.  On November 7th, we will hold a fundraising gala, our largest fundraiser of the year, and an opportunity not only to grow awareness and community, but much needed funds for a program that works.

The concept of transformation is one we hold closely, and what we work towards with each woman who comes through our door. Our fundraiser, inspired by this concept, will showcase some of the stories of these women, live musical entertainment, a live and silent auction and delicious food and wine pairings.
Below you will find the link to our event for Friends of Guest House. A few additional details regarding the event are as follows:

The event will be to support our recent expansion from 10 to 17 beds in an effort to assist 28 more women each year (more information on the registration website)

Our event start time is 6pm, however dinner will not be served (and is informal) until 7:00pm, our program begins at 7:30pm, and the auctions will take place from roughly 7-9pm.