Alexandria's Family Fun Day - Free Event

Event Date

Sunday, June 7, 2015 - 11:00am - 4:00pm
Event Location
901 North Pitt St. Alexandria, VA 22314

MISSION COMPLETE Presents  ALEXANDRIA’S FAMILY FUN DAY     Mission Complete would like to officially invite all of you to take part in our Family Fun Day to engage in a preview of our Veterans Youth Summer Boot Camp! The goal of the Boot Camp is to bring the youth of the DC Metro area together to learn skills from our Veterans, share interests, and connect to different cultures in our community. During this nine week Boot Camp, thirty Veterans will be hired and will lead instruction in the areas of Sports, Literature, Camp Wilderness Preparation, and Brain Camp. These different areas will combine an entertaining active environment with intellectual cultural knowledge. The camp is meant to give our Veterans an opportunity to connect with their community and unite the youth of the area. The camp will be open to ages 6- 17 years old in the DC Metro area.We want everyone to experience an unforgettable day at our Family Fun Day on Sunday, June 7th from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. The Family Fun Day will be located at 901 North Pitt St. Alexandria, VA. It will be filled with exciting activities, food, and fun. Come meet our staff, instructors, and community leaders. We will have several stations set up across the whole place emphasizing on the different themes that the camp will focus on this summer!It's our utmost desire to see everyone come out to our Family Fun Day to experience firsthand all the extraordinary events that will take places at our Veterans Youth Summer Boot Camp. Our ultimate goal for this Alexandria Family Fun Day is to get as many people registered for our summer extravaganza that starts on June 22th! You will have an opportunity to register at the Family Fun Day. Admission for the Boot Camps will be based on the Annual Income of the Household: CONTACT: MISSION COMPLETE   ADDRESS: 500 Montgomery Street, Suite 420, Alexandria, VA 22314   EMAIL: CAMP@MISSION-COMPLETE.ORG   PHONE: (703) 647-6221   WEBSITE: