This Week's Spotlight Organization is Tenants and Workers United

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tenant_and_workers_united_logoWhat Is Tenants and Workers United?

Tenants and Workers United builds the power of the low-income community of color – primarily immigrants – to create changes that positively impact the quality of their (our!) lives in Northern Virginia. They organize and support people to be agents of change in their own lives, addressing the issues of most importance to them. They address, lack of quality, affordable healthcare, inequities in public education, immigrant rights, affordable housing, the rights of low-wage workers.

Program Highlights

We believe that regular people are the experts on the problems and challenges that they and their communities face, and the solutions they require. We believe that by working together to inform and activate our community we can overcome obstacles to fulfilment, health, and happiness for our community. All of our work involves the following things: 

  • Participatory Research: We research issues and problems in our community such as access to quality healthcare and racial differences in academic opportunity and acheivement in the public school system, so that we can develop solutions.
  • Leadership Development: We educate ourselves about the political system, government and community resources so that we can organize our community, defend our rights, and create social change that benefits everyone in the community.
  • Campaigns: We organize campaigns to advance around important social issues to resolve specific issues and problems in our comunity related to our projects in healthcare, public education, human rights, immigration, and worker justice.
  • Community: We get together to celebrate our victories, break bread, and strengthen our community so that we can carry on with the fight for justice.
  • Democracy: We participate in all aspects of our community by volunteering at local organizations and participating in the Parent Teacher Association, church groups and the electoral process by voting, getting out the vote, and educating our community on the issues.

How You Can Get Involved 

At Tenants and Workers United there are three main ways to volunteer.

  • Become an instructor for Community Classes (sections include English, basic computer skills, democracy schools).
  • Serve as an Interpreter at the annual health fair, Bimonthly Health Clinics, naturalization clinics, and other events throughout the year.
  • Become an instructor for the Summer Youth Institute. Past workshops include: African Drumming, Culture through Dance, Political Art and Poetry, Mural Painting, Community Organizing, etc. 


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