Using The Menstrual Cups During Periods

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Menstrual cup made available is one which is made up of silicone and collects the fluid than actually absorbing it. It is an eco friendly, cost effective option compared to tampons as well as sanitary pads. At work or even school, the last thing that you would want during menstruation is leaks with tampons or pads and even finding it uncomfortable. You might have to change the pads every 2 hours or depending on the flow.


You might sometimes get annoyed because it will consume at least 10 minutes of your break time in changing. Not just being eco friendly, the cup menstruelle are fit to change less often when compared to the other products used during menstruation. You can ensure the steps mentioned below if you are still not convinced on using these cups for yourself. With this you will surely take up the right decision. Below mentioned are the important steps that you should follow before taking a decision.


To find out details regarding the coupelle menstruelle research will be very important. As you will be spending money on it you should make sure that you know the most about the product. Below mentioned are the benefits of using the menstrual cups that you will be able to enjoy.


The menstrual cups are less expensive. They are available at cost effective prices when compared to tampons and sanitary pads. In her lifetime, a woman approximately spends $3500 on tampons or pads. But then you start using these cups you will not spend more than $50 because these are ones which can be reused.


The coupe menstruelle are simple to clean and safe to use. There will be no growth of bacterial like that which occurs with use of tampons which might sometimes contain harmful chemicals and bacteria. The cups are made of medical grade silicone, thermoplastic elastomers or rubber. In addition to this the cups do not even soak up any excess moisture such as tampons thus keep the vaginal area moisture locked and clean.


You can use the coupelle menstruelle very conveniently. For most of the women, the cups are suitable to be worn for more than 10 hours before you empty them. These cups are comfortable to use while playing sports, sleeping, swimming without you having to worry about the leakage. Since these cups can be worn for more than 10 hours, there is no need for you to carry spare supplies. In case you face irregular period there is also no harm in wearing these cups before your period. The cups when you wear leak less often and also there is a need for you to change it twice a day.


The coupelle menstruelle are environment friendly and also a body positive. A woman all her life uses at least 17000 disposable pads or tampons. On the other hand, the effect that the cups have on the environment is negligible when compared to the disposable stuff, browse here to read more benefits about menstrual cups.


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