The Results of the King Street Bike Lane Poll are in!


Thank you to all of you who responded to the community poll on installing bike lanes on King Street from Russell Road to Janneys Lane and for sharing your comments. The results are being shared with The City of Alexandria. To read more about the bike lane proposal, click here. 

The City of Alexandria has decided to postpone the King Street Project presentation on bike lanes based on the feedback given at the public meeting held yesterday evening. 

Instead of re-opening the poll today, ACTion will re-open the bikelane poll closer to the next King Street Project presentation. 

Here is a link to the presentation given last night at the public meeting:

Further comments and suggestions should be sent to Hillary Poole, by Friday. 

Here are the results from the poll closing on 9/18 at 2:00 pm. 

187 of you voted yes, install bike lanes

113 of you voted no, do not install bike lanes

Some of you also left comments. Here are the highlights:

On the yes side: 

  •  Increase bike safety
  • Ease of access to the metro
  • Safer commuting
  • Adding an east-west route 
  • Taking bikes out of the car lane

On the no side:

  • Narrow Lanes
  • Increased congestion and back up
  • Lower property values
  • Loss of parking
  • Dangerous for cars and bicyclists  


Some of you suggested other ideas: 

  • Reduce speed on King Street
  • Install bike lanes on nearby roads instead of on that section of King Street
  • Expand bike lanes to the waterfront 


Thank you again for your engagement!  If you have any questions or have feedback on how to make the next poll better (such as including an undecided option), feel free to contact ACTion by clicking here


*Note: ACTion Alexandria is a neutral community feedback platform. The poll content or commentary on the ACTion Alexandria website does not reflect the opinions of ACTion Alexandria, its staff, its board, or its supporters. 


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Please include a left turn lane onto Rosemont Ave from eastbound King St so that dozens of cars are not held back waiting for one car to make the left turn until westbound King St traffic is clear.

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