Make Your Groceries and Hamburgers PAY This Season

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cora_kelly_elementaryI just wanted to remind folks that you can make charitable contributions without spending a single extra dime, and help out Cora Kelly Elementary kids all at the same time.  

Did you know that 84% of the kids at CK are on free and reduced lunch school?  This gives you an idea of the level of need at the school.  But did you also know that CK kids are working hard, rocking reading and math scores at record rates, and are deserving of every penny of school supplies and field trips and library books we can push into their hands and heads? And they are doing all this without a playground... a saga for another day.  

Finally, did you know that selecting Cora Kelly on your Giant/Safeway/Harris Teeter and TARGET cards is an easy way to donate without doing anything more than the shopping you have to do anyway?  Dropping off BoxTops once in a while helps too. And Holy Cow, we can't forget that Holy Cow has very kindly included Cora Kelly on its list of charitable donations when you order hamburgers there!  Thanks, Holy Cow!

The CK PTA is a non-profit 501(c)3, so we can provide you a record of donation letter if you care to give.  But even if you aren't planning to write us a check for $10 or $100 or even $1000 (just a suggestion :-)!), how about taking a short minute to select CK as your school on your Giant/Harris Teeter/Safeway and Target cards?  And go thru your cabinets and clip BoxTops and mail/drop off periodically.  And pick CK when you eat at Holy Cow!  Then you can feel good that the dollars you are spending are going farther than you might imagine.

THANKS for reading and for taking action,
Ashley Chappell
CK PTA Treasurer




Harris Teeter:

What does a BoxTop look like and where do I find it?


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