It's Your Turn to Ask the City Council Candidates!

What would you ask the City Council candidates?ask_the_candidates_2012

Civic engagement is what ACTion Alexandria is all about and what's more civic than voting?  It's been a boisterous year in city politics, and with more than a baker's dozen worth of candidates running for City Council, it's hard for a lot of us to figure out which candidates best represent our vision for our community.

So, we are turning the tables on traditional political debates by giving YOU the starring role in our online forum.

It's your turn to Ask The Candidates!

If you were moderator of your own City Council candidate debate, what would you ask the candidates? Now's your chance to let the candidates know what you think are the important issues.

Post Your Question

Post your questions in our public forum and/or vote up the questions you most want City Council candidates to answer, and we'll make sure the candidates see them and work with the candidates and political parties to get some responses.  Let's create a public forum where everyone can see what Alexandria residents think are the important issues.

To post your question, go to the Ask the City Candidates forum page and click on "Add Your Idea."

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We will do everything in our power to keep this forum civil, respectful, and productive. Stick to newspaper comment sections if you're interested in anything else.

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Dear candidates for Alexandria City Council,


What are your plans for making Alexandria more livable? Specifically, how will you implement effective measures and programs to improve infrastructure and traffic flow for pedestrians and bicyclists in the City? The City has made some good progress in the last few years, implementing bike lanes, sharrows and, most recently, joining the Capital Bikeshare system.  Clearly, the City has recognized the importance and the benfits of walking and cylcing and there are many champions within the staff to move things forward.  But this can only be a beginning.


In many design plans for new developments and/ or redesigns (e.g. Beauregard Small Area Plan or the Route 1 Corridor Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project), it seems as if the needs and requirements of pedestrians and cyclists are still an afterthought instead of an integral part of the design from the very beginning. Alexandria cannot solve the transportation challenges of the future with planning tools of yesterday.


Do you support giving priority to the implementation of dedicated cycle tracks, expansion of on-street bike lanes and realization of measures to increase the safety of pedestrians and cyclist on City streets?


Do you support measures to increase use of walking and cycling as effective transportation alternatives to motorized traffic, incl. priority funding for bicycle parking, bicycle street access and promotion of cyclist and pedestrian safety, education and awareness.


Do you support an effective and dedicated policy to make pedestrian and cyclist safety, convenience and general support a priority for all City transportation projects?  (This includes giving pedestrians and cyclists priority over motorized traffic as well as expanding efforts to explain the benefits of non-motorized travel to citizens and to employers.)


Do you support further expansion of the Capital Bikeshare system in Alexandria beyond the planned stations?


Thank you very much for your attention to this important issue for the future of our City.


Eric Wagner

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